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3D printing is a new and exciting technology that is revolutionizing the way products are manufactured. For us, the main benefit of this technology is that it enables the affordable creation of one-of products. In a way it is taking us back to the time before the industreal revolution when each product was custom made and was unique like the person it belonged to.

The challenge with 3D printing is that in order to manufacture something you first need to have a 3D model of that product, which is suitable for 3D printing and takes into account all the constrains of the specific 3D printing process and material that will be used to make that product

At Gamba Labs, we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy this new technology by creating 3D printed products and thus we try to create services that on the one hand simplify the process of generating print ready 3D models, and on the other hand still allows these models to be personal and unique.


liquid heart pendant

We have an online shop on Shapeways where we hold a collection of pre-generated models. The models range from Jewelry like rings and pendants to home items like espresso cups and even toys!

We believe that the power of 3D printing is that it enables the manufacturing of custom-made, one-off products.However, sometimes it is nice to see existing models which have more detailed renders or photos of the final 3D printed product.

In our online shop, you can also find experimental designs that are being developed and tested and also some designs which we don't plan to turn into a generator in the near future.

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At Gamba Labs, our goal is to make 3D models design available and acessible to everyone, so everyone can enjoy the benefits that are offered by 3D printing technology. For that, we are developing a variety of generator apps that enable the generation of personalized or customized print ready models

Here are the apps we have developed so far:

ringmaker rings

RingMakr enables everyone to easily create customizable, one of a kind rings.

It includes a growing selection of designs which, using a variety of pattern generating algorithms, create models that have a certain look, but are unlike any other models created - kind of like snowflakes.

Each design takes a different input from the user and uses it to create the fial model.

Easier to experience than to explain, so visit http://ringmakr.com to try it out yourself

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lithofun promo

Use Lithofun to create a charm with an embedded image. This image is secret, and can only be seen when the Lithofun is back lit with a light source.

the charms are available in a variety of fun shapes and are greate as a personal and unique gift

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